Specifications and other informations

What is SolarCash

SolarCash is a French digital curency launched in january 2019. It's a DASH fork to inherit Proof of Stake and Masternode technology. Our goal is to create partnerships with solar panel industry to offer discounts and opportunities for SLC users.
Today, it's important for us to take a big part in the ecological transition ( specially in France where ecology is at the heart of the news ). A PoS currency is the best way to respect the earth.
Solar energy is one of the most powerful renewable energy, make it the most used !

  • SolarCash
  • SLC
  • Nist5
  • PoS/Masternode
  • 3MB
  • 80 Confirmations
  • 10 000 000 SLC
  • 10 000 SLC
  • 5555
  • 5252
  • 75%
  • 60 seconds
  • 25%
  • 3 000 000 SLC

Masternode Sale

The MasterNode sale is organized in 3 rounds.
Contact Us on Discord to buy your SLC MasterNode.
After payment you will be credited of 10,001 SLC to setup the MasterNode on your SolarCash wallet.. A script is also provided to easily setup your SLC Masternode..
Contact us for any question



Launching - Website, wallet, ANN, github release - 1st Febuary
Swap STEP 1 Started - 1st Febuary
Invitation contest - 10th Febuary
Switch to PoS - 1st march
Whitepaper - March - April
Masternode presale - 1st April Ready
Swap STEP 2 - 1st May Ready
Listing on exchanges - 1st May
Partnership with green associations Q2 2019
Ecological Event Organization Q2 2019 - Q3 2019
Partnership with solar panel industry Q4 2019

Contact Us

For MasterNode sale, contact us with the links below